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Melissa Luterek

Certified Pilates Instructor


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Melissa Luterek was voted Best Pilates Instructor by the L.A. Daily News. That same year Melissa opened her first Pilates studio in Los Angeles,CA. She is appearing to be a star of the increasingly popular Joseph H. Pilates Method of Body Conditioning.

        A Pilates instructor for 21 years, Melissa Luterek earned a BFA in dance from         Marymount Manhattan College, where she was first introduced to the Pilates         Method. Melissa is a graduate and certified instructor of Romana's Pilates         and the New York Pilates Studio®. She studied directly under Master Teacher         Romana Kryzonowska, who is a direct student of Joseph H.Pilates.

        Melissa's proficiency and acceptance among fellow practitioners soon netted         her media exposure; in May 1998 Melissa was a featured model in the Pilates         book "The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning", authored by her Master         Instructor Romana Kryzanowska, and an appearance on the TV show “REBA”         as an instructor in her Pilates studio episode. Melissa has appeared on the         debut of the Pilates "Trim Flex" infomercial. She is the Pilates spoke person         for this new Pilates exercise equipment, which helps with 'assistance and         resistance' when doing a Pilates mat workout.

        Melissa is proud to open her second studio Pilates Worx in St. John, USVI.         Where she works with clients on such issues as arthritis, scoliosis, sciatica,         herniated disk, and carpal tunnel. Melissa not only focuses on rehabilitating the         targeted injury, but treats the entire body as a whole.

        For more information on Pilates Worx, please contact the studio at                  (877) 249- WORX (9679), or send an email to info@pilatesworx.com.


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