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I love Pilates...it stretches my back...makes me stand taller and straighter...an excellent workout. The instructors are very conscientious...They know the body and muscles...adapts their program to each person...they are great Pilates instructors.
H. Sachs

At 73 years old, doing Pilates on a continuous schedule is preventing me from becoming an arthritic, old lady! Plus, Pilates is wonderful for my inner body security. It gives me pride in my stance, pride in my shape, and imparts a strength I need in my muscles to handle my life...and very active grandchildren. PILATES FOREVER!
C. Chassman

[Pilates has] strengthened my body, helped my back, and made me stronger. Once you start, it becomes like an addiction...you want to do it forever!
D. Buckband

Pilates gives me energy, flexibility, and shaping that my body needs. Pilates Worx's instructors are not only professional, but patient, generous and loving people.
A. Fredman

[Pilates is] a tremendous help to my back. With curvature of the spine, it's easy to get out of alignment. Pilates puts my back into alignment. The instructors at Pilates Worx are very educated in her field. They watch for small details that help make the exercise effective.
J. Moore



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